Braga, Our City

Braga, Our City

If you have already chosen Braga to Live, know a little more about us!!

Braga has accommodation typologies for all tastes.

From studios, apartments of all types, twin and detached houses.

Given the geography of our city, you can choose to live in an isolated house on the outskirts of the centre, in calmer and more rural spaces just a few minutes from the city's movement.

If you need Temporary Accommodation you have at your disposal the renewed Braga Youth Centre.

To help you decide which house to choose, consult the real estate offers that the city offers you.

The doubts that you have in relation to the rental contracts or purchase of the house you can resolve them here.

Braga's territory is divided into 37 parishes. The policies implemented by Braga City Council for the balanced and homogeneous development of the whole territory are recognized and taken as an example, namely in the distribution of the various public equipment networks on a complementary basis.

The pioneering practices of decentralizing the municipality to the local parishes are also highlighted, resulting in a fairer distribution of municipal funds and, consequently, a more attractive municipality, beyond the urban centre.

Braga is a unique territory, with 37 parishes that compete equally for an harmonious whole, with greater or lesser housing density, but with multiple attractions, where, along with the new equipment, you can find natural beauty, built heritage or archaeological remains, which build the history of one of the oldest counties of a county, which came to be called Portugal, and of Bracara Augusta that came to be called Braga.

In other words, History that is told every day.


Meet the Parishes of Braga

Braga is known for the beauty of street commerce. Delight yourself walking through the centre and visit the picturesque and historic traditional shops or the trendy shops.

If you prefer to visit shopping centres, in Braga you have at your disposal Braga Parque, Nova Arcada, BragaShopping, Minho Center, among several 1st generation Shopping Centres and renewed Galleries, namely: Granjinhos, Gold Center, Centro Comercial Avenida, Galerias Lafayette, Liberdade Street Fashion, Centro Comercial Cruz de Pedra, Centro Comercial Galécia, Centro Comercial do Rechicho, Shopping Santa Cruz, Centro Comercial de Maximinos, Centro Comercial da Estação, Braga Retail Center, Via Nova Shopping, among other small centres and galleries.

The supply of water or electricity can be contracted in the same space.

Remember that you must take with you the Citizen Card, rental contract or deed of the property and provide your NIB (Bank Account Number), if you want to pay by direct debit.

The municipal company in Braga that supplies the water and waste collection is Agere and for electricity there are several suppliers to choose from.

In Braga, the Loja do Cidadão/Citizen’s Shop has several public services, all in the same space to facilitate your coming to Braga.

Get to know it in the following tab

It is located in the centre of Braga, at Rua de Granjinhos, 6.

Opening hours from 08:30 to 19:30 on working days and from 09:30 to 15:00 on Saturdays

You can find the following entities there:

  • Tax Authority;
  • Social Security Institute;
  • Institute of Public Real Estate and Construction Markets;
  • Institute of Registration and Notary (Citizen's Card, Passport, Single Automobile Document and Certificates);
  • Foreigners and Borders Service;
  • Citizen Space;
  • Espaço Empresa;
  • MEO;
  • NOS;
  • GALP;
  • EDP;
  • AGERE.


The ePortugal portal allows you to consult information about the services/tickets.

It also provides the issuance of electronic tickets.


The Braga Municipal Service Desk brings the citizens closer to the Municipal Services, ensuring greater convenience and faster service. It is located at Praça Conde de Agrolongo, 4704-514 Braga. This service is provided online through a platform, which is a new service channel of the Municipality of Braga.

Through this integrated service provided by the Municipality, citizens and companies have the possibility of choosing the preferred mode of relationship with the municipality, according to the stage of the process or simply according to the preference and ease that best suits the citizen / company.

In this sense, in a single space for the treatment of different municipal issues, this platform allows convenient and quick access to a wide range of municipal services.

Any questions about the services available on the Platform? Consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information or suggestions, please use the e-mail address

Serviço de Finanças de Braga 1 (Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority) - Rua do Raio 213 r/c, 4710-923 Braga

Segurança Social de Braga (Braga District Centre of the Social Security) - Praça da Justiça, 4719-003 Braga

Câmara Municipal de Braga (Braga City Hall) - Praça do Município, 4700-435 Braga

Unidade de Saúde Pública (Public Health Unit) - Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga

Loja do Cidadão (Citizen’s Shop) - Rua 25 de Abril 532, 4700-915 Braga


In terms of health, you can resort to various units with several medical specialties: 

  • Braga Hospital
  • Trofa Saúde Hospital (facilities in Rua do Raio, Nogueira and Nova Arcada)
  • Braga Norte Family Health Unit
  • 7 Fontes Family Health Unit
  • Ruães Family Health Unit
  • Minho Family Health Unit
  • Sanus Caranda Family Health Unit
  • S. João de Braga Family Health Unit
  • Salutis Family Health Unit
  • + Carandá Family Health Unit
  • Bracara Augusta Family Health Unit
  • Gualtar Family Health Unit
  • Manuel Rocha Peixoto Family Health Unit
  • Maxisaúde Family Health Unit
  • São Lourenço Family Health Unit
  • Saúde Oeste Family Health Unit
  • Tadim Family Health Unit
  • Esporões Family Health Unit
  • São Salvador Family Health Unit
  • Braga Health Unit
  • Adaúfe Personalized Health Care Unit
  • Assucena Lopes Teixeira Community Care Unit
  • Braga Saudável Community Care Unit
  • Colina Community Care Unit
  • Shared Resources Unit
  • Public Health Unit

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