Most sought-after skills

Most sought-after skills

Braga, in business terms, is represented in the most varied areas of business and economic activities.

In this context all professions are equally important to us, however, due to the scarcity of Human Resources and the increase and growth of companies in certain sectors in our city, certain professional categories are more in demand at the moment.

The study carried out by Work in Braga concluded that all the professional categories related to Information Technologies and the specialized technical professional categories in the Metalomechanics and Civil Construction sectors are the most sought-after today.

Submit your profile in the reserved area "You have talent" and make your curriculum available to registered companies.

Through this platform you can apply for ads published, but also be contacted by them to work or provide services.

You can communicate directly with the human resources of the companies and who knows change your professional destiny!

The labor market is constantly changing.

Today the most sought-after skills are in IT and specialized technical areas such as locksmiths, welders, electricians and others.

In the areas of Information Technologies, you have in Braga a large and recognized quality offer, either at a professional level, at a higher level or even in professional higher technical courses (CTeSP).       

At a professional level, consult the curricular plans and the professional outlets of the Vocational Schools of Braga and of the Groups of Schools that provide Professional Training.

At a higher level, consult the curricular plans of the University of Minho and IPCA.

The technical sort cicle courses also have a wide choice of training in the areas of IT, in Braga. See the IPCA offer at this level.

For the more technical and specialized courses, our suggestion is for you to consult and register at the Mazag√£o Training Centre, linked to IEFP, because there you can register in several more technical courses.